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Mount Lebanon Contact Directory

Church Role Name Telephone
Pastor Reverend Jennifer Kerby 302-652-8411
Associate Pastor Reverend Don Schuler xxx-xxx-xxxx
Admin. Assistant Phoebe Chan 302-652-8411
Lay Leader Iva Bordman 302-475-8744
Lay Leader Harry West 302-998-9124
Lay Member of Annual Conference Chris Portante 302-750-8353
Admin. Council Chair Chris Portante 302-750-8353
Admin. Council Secretary Becky Byrd 302-690-4922
Education Co-Chair Laurence Birkett 484-770-8216
Education Co-Chair Melissa Schuibbeo 302-764-7720
Finance Co-Chair Amy Furman 302-479-7765
Finance Co-Chair Becky Byrd 302-690-4922
Missions Leader Iva Bordman 302-475-8744
Missions Leader Bob Lathem 302-798-3170
Nurture Chair Sylvia Eubanks 610-459-2829
Nurture Co-Chair Ann Brechtel 302-368-5375
Outreach Chair Tim Page 302-478-9599
Staff-Parish Relations Ed Jegerski 302-456-5886
Treasurer Kathy Neilson 302-764-3572
Trustees Chair Barbara Ewing 302-764-3572
UM Men President Jerry Eubanks 610-459-2829
UM Women President Kay Frick 302-529-8970
Wellness Team Ed Jergerski 302-456-5886
Youth Leader Julia Tulloch xxx-xxx-xxxx
Co-Youth Leader Gale Ziegler xxx-xxx-xxxx
Worship Chair (TBD) xxx-xxx-xxxx
Director of Music Christian Johnson 302-730-8558
Custodian Marilyn Jernoske 302-764-1946
Website Administrator Jeff Shoemaker 302-995-1129

Please Note: You may also contact Pastor Jennifer Kerby via e-mail at either of the following addresses:

Primary e-mail:
Secondary e-mail:

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Please feel free to reach out to any of the persons listed above with any questions or concerns you may have. And, as always, we highly encourage you to join us this Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for our worship service and then stay for our fellowship hour afterwards. We look forward to meeting you!